Gifts for babies

Gift Ideas

It can be difficult to know what to buy little ones, often they have so much already. That's why at Sonny Bear we have created a simple guide to how your gifts can help support their growth and development - not just yours to play with!

Explore their Imagination

Firstly we have the toys that will help their imagination flourish! We have a collection of books that will allow children to enter a magical world of fantasy and allow them to see limitless possibilities in the world around them.


Allow Mindful Play

We have so many simple, sustainable toys that will focus their attention and help them improve their mobility as they grow. Simple, mindful play will help them develop an ability to better focus their attention and stay present even from a young age. Our Trixie range is full of wooden toys so you are not adding more plastic to their toy boxes.

Wooden kitchen for hours of playtime

Toys to create Conversations

The new additions to our bookshop are perfect for guiding children through important and relevant topics at a young age. We now stock a wide range of the Little People, Big Dreams books - perfect for allowing children to discuss important topics and see the potential they can achieve in the world.

Books for young readers to inspire their imagination.


Toys that bring Friendship and Comfort

Life is full of surprises, challenges and adventures our little people have grown into bigger little people - and sometimes we can't always be there to hold their hand. Our Soft Toy collections when looking to find some pocket-size encouragement. Find them a little companion who they can take with them on the first days of school or cuddle to sleep when they are feeling under the weather.

Soft organic cuddly toy for little ones toe love\


Lovely gift for a new born baby


Hopefully, you will be spoilt for choice on which meaningful gifts you will surprise your little ones with this Christmas.

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