Newborn Baby Essentials

Newborn Baby Essentials

There is nothing more pure, exciting and life-changing as a newborn. Whether you’re a new parent or you’re buying a gift for a new parent we know you’ll be eager to buy something thoughtful for those early days. Here are some of Sonny Bear’s top picks for welcoming a little one to the world.


Organic Cotton Products

Organic cotton is the most comfortable, softest fabric for newborn skin. Whether it’s a first sleepsuit or an organic swaddle blanket, brands that use organic cotton care about babies and the planet. Fabelab is a favourite of Sonny Bear – a Scandi brand that uses all organic cotton. Their products are ethically sourced and make the perfect addition to babies’ wardrobe or play area.



Muslin Cloths

The unsung hero of baby products. Muslin cloths have so many uses, it’s hard to know where to begin. New parents will be delighted with muslin cloths. Our selection is all organic and come in beautiful neutral tones.




Soft Bath Towels

The night-time bonding  ritual is so special for parents and newborns. Wrapping baby in the softest, most comfy towel after is a real treat. A practical gift but buying a special organic towel for bath times is a great gift idea (if we do say so ourselves!). Our selection has bunny ears and little hoods to guarantee an extra snuggly time, extra cute bath time.





First Toys

Oh, the wonders that lay ahead for little ones. First toys are really special. We all have fond memories of a certain doll or teddy. Simple designs and colours are ideal for newborns. Fabelab has so many cute designs from Rainbow music box to fabric cubes  their organic designs are the perfect gift for newborns.


Merino Wool Products

Merino wool is a luxurious treat. A merino wool sleeping bag is a hospital must-have. A thoughtful gift – parents will remember how beautiful and soft this gorgeous gift was on their new babies’ skin. A lovely memory to have from the hospital to the early days at home.




A Special Blanket

Most of us had a blanky as a prized possession. There’s truly special about a blanket that lasts for years and giving the gift of special blanky, well – that’s even better!


Gift Box

Not sure what to buy? A beautiful box full of essentials for baby boys or girls can solve all gift problems! Sonny Bear’s gift boxes have a swaddle blanket, multi-purpose muslin cloth and first toy – everything parents need for those first weeks. As with all our baby products they are high-quality and organic so will last for years to come.

Hopefully, this gift guide has given you some ideas for buying the perfect gift. As always, if you have any questions on any of the products or want to know more about the fabrics and the brands you can e-mail or use the live chat on site or call 0863750236.


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