There are so many brands taking a more environmentally and conscious approach to their clothing lines. Using recycled fabrics, and acknowledging the need for change is wonderful. But transparency in production processes plays a key role in sustainability as well.

Sonny Bears lines are chosen with fair treatment of factory workers, good working conditions, and living wages in mind. Listed below are where our brands are made. For any other information contact

Baby Clic

This brand aims to make the best products using the highest quality fabrics. All their clothes are manufactured in factories in Portugal and Spain, where the brand is based.

Serendipity Organics

A family-driven Danish company. The cotton range is made in India in factories that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified. From the initial cotton farming to factory production, there is a standard in place that ensures social and environmental responsibility. More information about the GOTS standard here.

Their Llama and Baby Alpaca wool clothes are handmade or semi-handmade in Bolivian home collectives to support working opportunities in developing countries.


FUB work with one manufacturer on a collaborative basis and only produce for orders. The factory is family run and based in southern China. Both FUB and the factory have been working together for 14 years.

FUB only use OEKO-TEX® certified non-mulesed merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton. The OEKO-TEX® certificate means no harmful chemicals are used in the production process.

Dotty Dungarees

The founders of Dotty Dungarees have a personal relationship with their manufacturers; an all female-led family run factory based in China. The factory have high levels of environmental and ethical standards and was set up by a lady 40 years ago, whose daughter is now in charge.


Knot’s clothes are made in fair working condition factories in Portugal, where they are based.  They are increasing their organic materials while committing to zero waste policies through different schemes. Like finding uses for all fabric scraps and selling clothes with defects at special prices.


An Italian brand made in Italy. The factory uses high-quality raw materials like cashmere and organic fibres while maintaining handcrafted traditions and high standards in their work practices.

Pigeon Organics

Pigeon Organics work with a small number of factories that have fair labour practices. Most of their products are GOTS certified. Products that are not made in GOTS factories hold internationally recognised certificates in social and environmental management and will be GOTS certified in the future.

1+ in the family

1+ is produced in workshops in Barcelona, located a few kilometres from their headquarters. They work with local suppliers which guarantee fair working conditions for all factory workers. The clothing is made using GOTS certified cotton, plant-based fabrics, nickel-free buttons, and zippers.