Another year, another Late Late Toy Show. Arguably the most exciting tv show for children all over the country. It marks the start of Christmas and the start of the uncontainable excitement of Santa arriving in 4 weeks (oh to be young!). The buzz it creates; the memes, viral videos, and the general Irishness of it all make it a special program, we’re proud to call our own.

New Christmas pyjamas are, of course, a must for the main event.  Our Pigeon Organics and Brai  100% organic cotton reindeer pyjamas are the warmest, softest PJs for all toy show enthusiasts if we do so ourselves.

Sonny Bear will be donating 10% of all profits from sales this week-end to the LauraLynn Foundation. LauraLynn provides vital care and support to families and children with terminal illnesses. It’s a much-needed service and donations big or small are important during a trying time for all charities.

For the week that’s in it, we’ve also rounded up some of our favourite Toy Show moments from over the years, for your enjoyment 😊

  1. Douglas The Fashionista

An aspiring fashion designer Douglas was all style. He came to the toy show armed with t-shirt designs, sketches, and a will to succeed. Paris fashion week here he comes!


  1. Toby and Girls Aloud

Toby singing his heart out is a classic toy show moment in itself, made all the better by being disturbed by his idols, THE Girls Aloud.

  1. Domhnall and his Hero

This clip could melt even the iciest of hearts. The look of pure shock, amazement, and awe when he meets Robbie Keane. Adorable.

  1. Dustin’s Slagging Matches

Anyone that fell fowl (!) to Dustin’s wicked mouth was in for trouble. And there was no better man for it than Gay Bryne, a true legend. The interactions between them were biting and hilarious

  1. Any craic?

Alex probably made one of the coolest exits of all time on the show. Replying to Ryan’s ‘any craic?’ with a confident ‘níl’ before riding off into the distance.


  1. JohnJoe Brennan

JohnJoe will go down in toy show history, the budding horologist was a gift to Irish TV screens.