Summer Activities for Kids in Ireland

Staycation is the word of the summer. There’s no doubt about it. Exploring all that our beautiful little island has to offer or enjoying time at home will help us appreciate how lucky we are to live here. But if travelling isn’t on the agenda this summer then our fun things to do in Ireland with kids list, can all be done from anywhere you are.

Go camping

Ahhh the camping holidays in France. If you never experienced them yourself, you will surely have heard plenty of stories. If there’s garden space, then why not spend one night in your very own campsite. It might sound like your idea of hell but the kids will love it. Light a campfire and have dinner under the stars. The real beauty of camping in your garden? There’s the option of going back into the house!

Throw a party

If social distancing can be maintained then arrange a family-friendly party; because it’s summer and we all deserve a party.  Set up a karaoke booth that the kids can enjoy, choose a theme, decorate, and make the most of the bright evenings.

Visit a farmer’s market

Bring the little ones to a local market for some fresh Irish produce. If they are at the inquisitive stage the sellers will more than likely be delighted to explain their processes to eager listeners. It’s an excellent chance for them to learn about food in their local area, and how it’s made. can help you find a market near you.

Get serious about gardening

If a long-term project that you can get the kids involved in is something you’re looking to do; then consider taking time to add to or change your garden. has lots of useful how-to guides for working with any garden space.

Explore your local area

It can be easy to miss what’s right on your doorstep. But there’s no time like the present to be a tourist in Ireland. Pack a picnic, research your area, and spend the day exploring. Tripsavvy’s list of attractions for each county is a helpful place to start if you’re looking for some inspiration. Just make sure to check opening times and restrictions before jumping in the car.

Bring the cinema to you

This one can be saved for a rainy day. Pick some family favourites, close the curtains, make popcorn, get comfortable, and enjoy the cinema experience at home.

Looking for other creative ways to keep the family entertained? Our upcycling blog post has plenty more ideas.