Kidiwi Meryl girls dress from Sonny Bear spring summer 2020 range

There is so much that I love about spring time. The past few days have been brighter, with spells of dazzling sunshine making it less of a chore to wrap up and get the dog out for a walk in the local countryside.

There is new growth everywhere, with snowdrops, daffodils and primroses popping their heads up on almost every pathway along my usual walking route. Soon, the local woods and copses will be carpeted with spring bluebells and the smell of wild garlic will linger in the air. I can’t wait!

I suppose it’s that sense of renewal and possibility that I really love about this time of year; a time where we make plans for the months ahead, shake off our winter layers (between the showers!) and begin to enjoy the longer days. Even the simple things, like it still being daylight as we leave work to make the daily commute home, fill us full of optimism and lighten our mood.

Spring is also a really busy time for me. It’s been almost a year since I launched Sonny Bear and I’m frantically planning our spring/summer range launches, updating the website, putting photo shoots together and organising events for the remainder of the year. There’s also one eye to be kept on the future, and I’m just back from meeting designers in Paris and Copenhagen for our autumn/winter collection. It’s all quite hectic, but very exciting.

Best of all, this is the exciting time when our spring/summer deliveries arrive. This week marked the first arrival of 2020, a beautiful collection of hand-made dresses from French designers Kidiwi. Coinciding with our recent spell of good weather, these dresses were like little bursts of sunshine as I unpacked them. There’s lots of pretty florals, exquisite detailing and Kidiwi’s signature hand-smocking that will ensure these quality dresses can be passed down for generations to come. I’ve included a quick picture of the new arrivals above, but keep an eye on the website over the coming weeks for full details.

We’re also adding some new designers to our collection this year and, again, keep an eye on the website over the coming weeks as we introduce them. I hope they’re as popular with our customers as the rest of the range.

Spring is also time of year that reminds me of when my own two girls were young. I remember being so happy to wrap them up and get them outside to play after the long winters. I also vividly remember shopping for First Holy Communion dresses for both of them at this time of year; it was such an exciting time and I think I may have spent more time choosing their Communion dresses than I did choosing my wedding dress. My daughters are 23 and 21 now and I still have the dresses, saving them for any grandchildren that might come along in the future!

I hope you are getting into the spring mood too and making plans for the months ahead.