The best things to do on a rainy day in Ireland. Indoor activities to keep kids at home busy and lots of fun ideas s they’ll never be bored.

10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

We’re no stranger to rain here in good old Éire. But how does it still manage to catch us by surprise?! If the heavens have opened and any plans of doing any outdoor activity are gone. Or, if the idea of packing up a car to go anywhere is not one you fancy entertaining then you’ll be glad to know – our things to do on a rainy day in Ireland guide can all be done from the comfort of your home.

  1. Baking

The payoff of a sweet treat at the end is usually enough to keep any child motivated. Getting children involved in the kitchen from a young age also introduces them to new foods, maths, science, and cooking. Not to mention – it’s lots of fun!

If you’re not sure what to make, or if you think you can’t make anything without leaving the house Supercook is a free app that users add any ingredients they already have and it quickly pulls together a list, with recipes for everything. Or visit I Love Cooking for some healthy treat inspiration.

  1. Build a Fort

Nobody knows the special power a magic fort made from pillows and sheets has over kids. But games, books, and activities always seem to be more fun when underneath some sheets.

Turn any room or corner into a magical fortress using old sheets, blankets, and clothes pegs. This is an ideal rainy-day activity from the construction to the game playing inside.

  1. Write letters

Maybe there’s grandparents or family members that you haven’t seen in a while.  Helping write a letter, or sending pictures with a little message; any small gesture at all to let someone know you’ve been thinking about them can brighten a (rainy) day.

  1. Draw with Don

Don Conroy played a seminal role in most Irish households in the 90s. Who can forget his signature owl? Over lockdown, he joined Instagram, started making videos for YouTube, and connected with a younger audience. All the videos are easy to follow, will help kids get creative, and might even inspire the next generation of Irish artists.

  1. Tidy up

Admittedly this one doesn’t really sound fun for anyone. But, it can always be turned into a fun task. Who can put the toys away quicker, or organise the toys by colour, anything to make it seem like a game. Some forgotten toys might be found, which can add excitement to the process, too.

  1. Make a home cinema

Turn the living room into the family cinema room. Close the curtains, make it comfortable (maybe the blankets fort could be used for seating), and pick a movie. If you’re not sure of what movie to watch – Timeout has put together a list of family favourites – both classic and newer releases. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn.

  1. Have a disco

Prepare a space for dancing and put together a playlist of all the family’s favourite songs. Then get up and dance. Dancing will get lots of physical activity in for the day, and who doesn’t love a disco?

  1. Play dress up

Root out old clothes, make some fun costumes using what you have, and organise a photo shoot. Turn pillowcases into superhero capes, or pick a theme, like Alice in Wonderland and spend the day creating costumes based around the theme. Dress up is a chance to let young imaginations shine.

  1. Put on a play

Now that you have the costumes sorted. A play can exercise those acting skills. Help set up a staging area, give them time to practice, and settle in for the performance of the year.

  1. Dig out old photos

If you have some old family photo albums in the house – a rainy day is an optimum opportunity to take them out. Kids can learn about their family history, and hear a tale or two about the good old days.

Another option here is to make a new printed album. Pick photos you all want from your phone or camera, send them to be printed, order a photo album, and wait for the next rainy day to make the latest addition to the family photo albums.