When Sonny Bear was just a dream, before he made his appearance in this world, we decided that no matter what we did we would strive to offer sustainability.  Whatever we added to the Sonny Bear range had to last and give joy for years, that would be our promise.

A Future for our Children

The rise of ‘throwaway’ fashion has led to tonnes of textiles ending up in landfill in Ireland every year.  Our planet is fragile and we cannot continue in this way, we must think of our children and leave them a planet worth living in.

In the past it was commonplace for parents to purchase quality clothes that were made to last.   These clothes were passed down through families and were worn by siblings, cousins and family friends.  This ensured years of practical and enjoyable use, just as it should be.  That’s why Sonny Bear want to offer ‘hand-downable’ clothes that are made of quality materials.

Special Occasion

Each day on this earth is precious and when we have a family occasion we should celebrate and enjoy it.   Weddings, birthday parties, Communions are just some of the occasions when we dress in our best.  Sonny Bear want to enhance the experience by offering timeless beautiful clothes for girls and boys to wear.  Precious photos on the day will last forever as a snapshot of a time when happiness ruled.

Sonny Bear offers clothes that are not only kinder to the planet but clothes that children want to wear.  We can dress our children to look smart but we also want them to be able to have fun as often as they can.  Our clothes make it easy for them to play.

The positive impact of organic cotton is beginning to become known.  There are huge health, economic and environmental benefits to buying organic cotton.  Sonny Bear has sourced much of the range to avoid the negative impacts of the intensive practices of chemically grown cotton.

A Simpler Time

Modern life is busy and sometimes it is good to be reminded of a kinder, gentler time of children playing outside and their gentle squeals of delight on the wind.  Sonny Bear leaves you now with some wise words from another bear, Winnie the Pooh:  ‘Rivers know this, there is no hurry.  We shall get there some day.’