If your child’s summer wardrobe is ready for an update, then choosing organic baby and children’s clothes are the way to go. The benefits are endless and making the switch is a move in a more sustainable direction.

Kids will be more comfortable, their clothes will last longer, and organic cotton can help champion environmental, social, and economic causes. We’ve put together a list of just some of the reasons we think investing in organic clothing is a choice everybody should consider.

A More Comfortable Fit

Organic cotton certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) means that absolutely no harmful toxins or chemicals are used in production. It preserves the natural properties of the cotton fibre and is softer, more breathable, and better for growing children’s delicate skin.

Clothes Last Longer

The absence of chemicals improves the quality of all organic clothes, and the nutrients from cotton remain intact when grown naturally. Organic cotton washes better and will last longer. We all know the feeling of buying a lovely new item for our wardrobe, only to find it’s lost its softness with a few wears. Wave goodbye to this when choosing GOTS certified kids’ clothing.

The Environmental Impact

Organic cotton farming doesn’t damage the soil, promotes healthy crop rotation, uses 88% less water, and 62% less energy. It produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions and all water used is recycled rainwater. It’s estimated that in 2015 alone growing organic cotton over conventional cotton saved enough kilowatts of energy to keep a 60w lightbulb going for almost 500,000 years and also saved around 218 billion litres of water.

The Social and Economic Impact

GOTS certified cotton farming strict regulations mean farmers are not exposed to GMOs and toxins. Farmers can grow other crops, like food, safely alongside cotton. Better crop cycles and healthier soil means higher incomes for families around the world, fairer working conditions, hours, and better quality of life.

Choosing to make this small switch means we can all play our part in being ethical and conscious consumers while reducing our carbon footprint. Having a couple of organic baby grows and basics help reduce waste, and, of course, keeps your child feeling cosy, too.