Summer Sandals for girls

Summer Holiday Packing guide



It is so wonderful to know we have the opportunity to travel this summer. Whether it is to a stunning location abroad, or for a beautiful stay-cation in Ireland. The idea of freedom is so welcome this summer.


We know it can be very stressful when packing for the entire family, trying to cover all weather options as well as clothes for all activities. We have pulled together 6 simple tips to help you pack for your little ones this summer….


A Neutral Pull Over


We recommend taking a chunky neutral pullover that can be taken anywhere and worn over any outfit - day or evening. It’s less about style and more about the kids remembering they need to take it everywhere with them, in case it gets cold. They can pull it on if the sun goes in on an afternoon walk - or when the temperate cools on an evening and they want to continue playing.


Dresses and Leggings…the perfect combo




I would always take an extra few leggings for the girls to wear under any dress. Our girls loved dressing up, but hated tights. So if we woke up and the weather was a little overcast, it would be a battle to get them into a pair of tights. But leggings they loved. They pack up so easy, can be washed and dried overnight if they needed a freshen up, and if things did start to heat up - it was so easy for them to wiggle out of and continue playing!


Simple Tee (long and short sleeve)



I’ve always found it so useful to pack an extra couple of t-shirts. They would be a lifesaver when we’d been out for breakfast - and most of it ended up on their top. Or easy to pop on under a dress for an extra little warmth. Or even when playing in the pool during those scorching few hours of the afternoon when they refuse to sit in the shade. And again, they will wash and dry overnight without much need for ironing!


Jumpsiuts and dungaree’s 



If you have limited space it is always recommended to pack multi-wear options. Jumpsuits, dungarees, dresses and playsuits - will all roll up into nothing but could easily last you an extra 2-3 days!


Extreme Weather; Pack it separately


When packing we always consider “but what if”…it rains, its snows, there is a heatwave? My recommendation here is to pack for the weather that you expect, if visiting Scotland - pack for rain and wind or if heading to Spain - pack for the sun! However, pack a separate little bag for the “just in case” moments. The raincoat, swim wear sun hats, sunglasses. This will save so much stress when packing for “normal circumstances” as well as save space for the items you are more likely to need. As well as you’ll only need to open it if that heatwave/snowstorm hits

Evening Outfits into Day Outfits


If you really are tight on space then the biggest tip I’ve ever been given is to plan to re-wear some of their evening outfits during the days after. It may not always be practical - but popping a pair of leggings (or even jeans) under a dress they’ve worn the night before will give you many more day's wears. Once he’s worn his nice trousers for the evening, pop him back in them a few days later with a different top! It will save space and planning when it comes to packing!


So there you have it, our simple guide to a few simple packing

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