Fun Garden Activities

Fun Garden Activities

The clocks spring forward, the days grow longer and we wave goodbye to a long winter. Every year spring brings reinvigoration and a chance for new beginnings. Thankfully we can spend now more time outside – our little ones can explore and we can marvel at their fascination with the big, beautiful world.

Sonny Bear’s favourite outdoor activities are:

1. Gardening

Yep, first on the list is a win/win for children and adults. Kids helping with gardening can be a great way to introduce them to different plants. They could start with transferring plants from pots to the ground. It’s a brilliant way to pass an afternoon and who knows there might be a budding horticulturist in the family.

If you don’t have access to a garden container gardening and vertical gardening can be done. Walls in courtyards or balconies can be used for plants. There’ll are some great YouTube videos like this one that offers advice and tips on getting started.

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2. Growing herbs

Ok, kind of in the same vein as gardening but herbs are easy! Rosemary is very low maintenance and can be grown in a container in soil-based peat-free compost. It needs to be kept well-watered during dry spells but it’s a good one to get kids started, and they’ll love to see the process. For a full breakdown of how to grow rosemary visit here.


3. Back Garden Movies

Got a washing line, sheet and projector? A back garden movie is easy to set up. Just hang a sheet and project! Sure to create lasting memories – make the space comfy, and watch a family favourite with the sun setting.

4. Theatre

Have some budding thespians in the family? Get little ones to write and direct a play for the adults of the family. Give them an hour to think of it and set up the back garden as a theatre. Guaranteed entertainment for kids (and adults!) just make sure to video it all so it can be whipped out for birthdays in years to come.


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5. Get the binoculars out!

Spend the day birdwatching. Life can be so busy and we often forget to take a minute but relaxing and watching birds in their natural habitat can be extremely meditative. Make a fun activity out of it and learn about the birds as you go.

There are plenty of apps to get started. iBird UK & Ireland can identify birds from their calls and offers a comprehensive guide to birds in Ireland. The app does cost £10.99 but there are some free options, too like Birdseye apps

Hopefully, there’s enough ideas here to inspire. And long may the sun continue to shine!

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