Ethical production and processes matter. The world has cottoned on (no pun intended!) to the need for sustainable fabrics and organic materials but as I’ve mentioned in the blog before (here) it takes more than sustainable fabrics to make sustainable products.

Sonny Bear’s clothes are always comfortable and soft for children, use no chemicals in production, are timeless and of course – ethical in production. Stocking clothes I know my customers will like not just for how they look but for what they stand for is always something I’ve really believed in.

As a small business, it can be tempting to shift gears and go down a path of cheaper products to sell more, but this would be going against the reason I started Sonny Bear. The path to a successful business can be long, meandering, tricky and full of late nights!!. But I know that the products I sell are ones I truly can stand behind.

A brand I have been stocking for a while now – +1 In The Family have just launched their Autumn/Winter collection and it’s brands like this that make me feel like a lucky and very proud business owner.

+1 In The Family was started by a Spanish mother, Gemma Mases. Gemma knew she wanted to develop a brand that spoke to her and her kids. This translated to a clothing line full of gorgeous tones, fresh colours and stunning fabrics.


Gemma and +1 In The Family share the same values I do. They acknowledge the need for change in the clothing industry and work to ensure the best for workers and the planet. The entire collection is made in local workshops in Barcelona. They make it their mission to support location production, while only using organic materials.  From production, the clothes are then distributed through small businesses (like mine!).


All fabrics and materials are carefully researched and any supplier must hold the OEKTEX certificate (you can read about the certificate and what it means here)

Their Autumn/Winter collection uses sustainable fabrics and accessories like:

  • Gots certified organic cotton jersey.
  • Global Recycled Standard certified cotton jersey.
  • Plant-based fabrics such as Lyocell and 100% linen fabrics.
  • Nickel-free snap buttons and zippers.

Every piece is versatile and what I loved most about them is they aren’t a trend. The style won’t come and go. For me, that’s the sign of a great brand and collection, when each piece will look just as good now as it does in ten years.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and I’ll be posting lots more about the brands I stock over the next few months. I want you to get to know the reasons I choose my brands. And I think we all should know more about the clothes our children wear.