Capsule wardrobe sounds like one of those unrealistic dreams that feels slightly out of reach. But, it’s reallynot. It’s just de-cluttering and having enough, but not too much carefully selected pieces for your kids that can work year-round.

Considering how fast our kids grow from a financial and environmental perspective creating a capsule wardrobe means less waste, less washing, and less money. Sign us up!

Where to start with a capsule wardrobe

Ok, so you’re sick of the mountain of washing and endless sock matching. What next? Make a list of the items you want/need.

A good starting point is around 13-14 items of everyday wear for the warmer and colder months. This could be broken down into:

5 bottoms (shorts, skirts, pants)

6 tops (both long and short sleeve)

1 coat (waterproof and warm) á

1 formal wear outfit

Then you could add:

1 swimsuit

6 or 7 pairs of socks

1 or 2 pairs of tights

10 pairs of underwear

1 pair of runners

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of shoes

The next step is – be ruthless. Whatever is already in your child’s wardrobe can be sorted into piles to keep, donate, and upcycle.

Now what?

Consider the quality and comfort of the clothes. A capsule wardrobe should last the year, growth spurts and all. Investing in better quality organic cotton and pieces that can grow with your child is all part of making sure that a capsule wardrobe works. Organic cotton, soft cashmere, and fabric clothes that grow with your child, like our Dotty Dungarees, will last and, most importantly keep your child comfortable.

Keep it simple

When deciding what organic children’s clothes you want to include in your child’s wardrobe our best advice is – keep the colours as minimal as possible. Muted tones, classic Breton stripes, and simple designs are our top picks for a wardrobe that will never go out of style.

Pick a formal piece for all occasions

Picking just one nice outfit to wear for every occasion can seem drastic, but it makes getting ready a lot easier. Invest in a piece that both you and your little one loves, like a timeless smock dress, or a shirt and pantscombo.

Right, but we really need to talk about washing!?

The key to making a capsule wardrobe work is to wash clothes more frequently, instead of letting a load build-up. A quick handwash during the week will keep clothes clean and fresh until they need to go into the machine. So, it might be more frequent, but the result is a lot less time, organising and sorting clothes piles.

Just like a Spring clean, creating a capsule wardrobe can feel cathartic. It sets a good example from the get-go and is a simple way to be a mindful, savvy, and environmental shopper.